Hey, Hey Good Lookin’

17 Oct

I’ve had quite a few requests for photos of my oh-so-sexy school uniform, so I figured I’d finally oblige.  Don’t get too excited, now.  Britney Spears (or whichever young trollop has taken her place) will not be making a music video dressed in anything even remotely resembling this…..

Flattering?  Perhaps not.  But, believe it or not, each element does actually serve a purpose.  Starting from the top, the cap obviously keeps unwanted strands of hair and beads of sweat out of your food, the neckerchief protects my neck from heat (and also catches sweat), the clean white coat reassures the customer that I run a clean kitchen (and it’s double breasted so that I can switch to the buttons on the other side in the event I have gotten the front dirty), the long white apron keeps my pants clean, the black and white gingham pants hide stains, and the black non-skid shoes (yep, those are Crocs, folks!) protect my feet from spills while simultaneously preventing me from doing a header in the middle of the kitchen.

So, while the William Morris Agency probably won’t be knocking down my door any time soon, I hope you’ll be ready to pull up a chair in my restaurant!



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  1. Alan Booth

    October 17, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    oh wow Wow WOW!!…now that’s hot!..and that’s one hot chick!! You’re driving the boys Down Under to distraction Laurel. Cook me!

  2. RRRay Lymanay Lymanay LyRayman

    October 19, 2011 at 7:50 am

    That’s my daughter your cooking about, you kinky old man! Remember, we can’t use that “My second wife hasn’t been born yet” after Laurel turned 18. But those boys Down Under did take a shine to her.

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